Getting beneath the skin

Some projects prove to be a bit out of the ordinary. It has been a real pleasure to supply a client with skelton illustrations using Adobe Illustrator software.

Creativity is all about having a "can do" attitude. Just because a project presents hitherto unexplored challenges doesn't mean it shouldn't be explored.

Business relations

What kind of design organisation do you want to work with? Buzz is about personal, approachable service. Clients are not the enemy or merely a source of income - they are the reason Buzz operates.

Buzz is not there for the quick "grab and run". By offering expert, professional, competitive and consistent service Buzz hopes to foster long-term working relationships with its clients.

Buzz is now 10 years old!

Yes, Buzz Creative Design has now been operating for 10 years! Buzz has weathered the financial crisis of 2008 and beyond, and kept those creative juices going with gusto!

If you want to try Buzz Creative Design out or - better still - form a long term working relationship, get in touch. Initial consultations are free and you might be surprised at the varied services Buzz is able to offer.

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Responsive websites - the benefits

A responsive website is a website that will adapt to the screen that an end-user is viewing with.  This means that, though the content of a site will stay the same, its layout will change depending on whether it is being used on a desktop computer, an iPad, an iPhone or an Android device.  This has some obvious - and some not so obvious - benefits.

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Seeing is not necessarily believing

The roomset shown might look real, but the tiles depicted are not. The tiles shown were added onto an existing roomset to look as though they were there all the time.

So why go to all the effort? The reasons can be many and varied but often boil down to cost; it is less expensive to employ a skilled graphic designer to artificially render the room than it would be to employ tilers to tile a room (assuming that room is available for such upheaval) and interior designers to accessorise. And the beauty of this approach is that the same room can be adapted to different tile ranges again and again.

Buzz Creative Design's experience in the tile industry is invaluable in understanding the nuances of ceramic and stone-based décor, though the art of artificial rendering has endless possibilities.


The Buzz Creative Design blog is updated regularly. Do take the time to check back for future updates. Or if there's something you would like to see featured, contact Buzz and we will be delighted to hear from you.